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Add Modern Greek to your repertoire. Learn to speak, read and write Modern Greek; delve into the rich history, culture and mythology of Greece; discover Greek literature, film and theatre; and build a global understanding of the world.


Love learning? Learn Greek.

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Hellenism (from Ancient Greek Ἑλληνιστής) is the western world’s cultural heritage. Ancient Greece accounts for thousands of years of literary, philosophical, aesthetic and scientific masterpieces.

However, Greece is more than just the sum of its history. For those who have knowledge of and language skills in Modern Greek, there are many employment opportunities today in international relations, education, tourism, government and social services, telecommunications and information technology.

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Our vision is to promote the learning and preservation of Greek language and culture. Our mission is to locate, initiate and develop opportunities to enhance Greek language and cultural experiences through scholarships, events, social media communication, travel and other social experiences.


For course details contact Flinders University. For scholarship details contact Griffith University.

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